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Macphun Complete Training

Master the entire Macphun Creative Kit Plus software suite.

This course teaches you how to use Tonality Pro, Intensify Pro, Snapheal Pro and Focus 2 Pro with simple and in-depth instructions. Now includes training on Macphun's awesome new plugin: Noiseless!

All of Macphun's applications are available as free-trials as well! Click here to download and try any Macphun application for free.

The Macphun Creative Kit Plus suite is a very powerful set of plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom which I love and use. They are Mac-only photo editing tools that also work as standalone applications.

I’ve been using Macphun’s plugins for my recent books, I just love how it works and the results are amazing! You can see some examples below.

MacPhun offers all of their software as trial versions, or now you can purchase Macphun's Creative Kit Plus software right here on my website! Get Machphun Creative Kit Plus here

Details & Requirements

Length: 2 Hours 23 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner


Required Software: Macphun Creative Kit Plus

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Tonality Pro: Bridge Before

Tonality Pro: Bridge After

Tonality Pro: Brooklyn Before

Tonality Pro: Brooklyn After

Tonality Pro: Antelope Canyon Before

Tonality Pro: Antelope Canyon After

Tonality Pro: Restaurants Before

Tonality Pro: Restaurants After

Tonality Pro: Wallstreet Before

Tonality Pro: Wallstreet After

Focus 2 Pro: Horses Before

Focus 2 Pro: Horses After

Focus 2 Pro: Portrait Before

Focus 2 Pro: Portrait After

Focus 2 Pro: New York Before

Focus 2 Pro: New York After

Intensify Pro: Gondolas Before

Intensify Pro: Gondolas After

Intensify Pro: Venice Before

Intensify Pro: Venice After

Intensify Pro: Cassis Before

Intensify Pro: Cassis After

Snapheal Pro: Desert Before

Snapheal Pro: Desert After


7m 25s

Lesson 1: Focus 2 Pro: Portrait

We are going to explore the key functions of Focus 2 Pro by blurring the surroundings of a nice portrait taken in Paris.

4m 4s

Lesson 2: Focus 2 Pro: Horses

In this lesson, I show you how to use Focus 2 Pro to achieve very artistic results using special blur effects – very easy to do in a couple of clicks.

4m 17s

Lesson 3: Focus 2 Pro: New York 

Here I use a classic Tilt Shift effect to give the illusion that my subject is now the size of a toy.

21m 2s

Lesson 4: Intensify Pro: Gondolas

Here I give you an overview of Intensify Pro and show you the basic functionality.

12m 42s

Lesson 5: Intensify Pro: Venice Bridge

In this lesson I show how to take a bland photo and turn it into a more dramatic and colorful photo. 

11m 2s

Lesson 6: Intensify Pro: Cassis

Here I make a beautiful sunset photo and explore all the power of Intensify Pro. 

9m 8s

Lesson 7: Snapheal: Introduction

How to use Snapheal Pro to erase unwanted elements and retouch your photos in a few simple steps.

6m 29s

Lesson 8: Tonality Pro: Introduction

I will show you how to get started with Tonality Pro and give you some examples of what it can do. 

17m 8s

Lesson 9: Tonality Pro: Antelope Canyon

We are going to retouch some photos from Antelope Canyon — directly in Tonality Pro.

12m 20s

Lesson 10: Tonality Pro: Wallstreet

In this lesson I show you how to take a very boring photo and turn it into a work of art.

11m 9s

Lesson 11: Tonality Pro: Restaurants

Here we use Tonality Pro Presets – a very powerful and fast way to get the look you want. Also, a great starting point and source of inspiration.

10m 4s

Lesson 12: Tonality Pro: Brooklyn

Adding textures and bringing drama is what we are going to focus on in this lesson.

7m 56s

Lesson 13: Tonality Pro: Bridge

Adding fog is one of the strongest points of Tonality Pro – here I show you how.

8m 49s

Lesson 14: Noiseless: Comparison & Trianing

In this lesson I will show you how I use the awesome new plug-in from Macphun: Noiseless. I use it to take care of a very noisy photo taken at 8000 ISO of New York and then I will use this plug-in on a noisy iPhone photo and show you the results!

Source Files

Contains 12 of my photos (6 as RAW files) as well as 11 skies from my personal collection so you can follow along with all of these projects.

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